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Years of Mobile Home Legal Experience in South Carolina

Manufactured housing can provide a high-quality and affordable home, however, there are legal risks and decisions concerning the purchase and sale of these properties. For instance, mobile homes are classified as personal property and are issued a certificate of title by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

That being the case, without the knowledge to properly handle these transactions, current and future owners run the risk of the title to the manufactured home not transferring, not existing or remaining encumbered by a lienholder.

Fortunately, South Carolina offers a procedure to retire the title to a mobile home that is permanently affixed to real property. Potential benefits of retiring title and designating the home as real property can include: more favorable financing, possible homestead exemptions, better consumer protections, stronger protections for heirs, stronger resale value and safeguards upon default of the loan.

For these reasons and more, Weeks and Irvine, LLC has worked to protect the rights of thousands of mobile home clients across South Carolina. If you need legal help regarding the purchase, sale, title, or other issue involving a mobile home in South Carolina, contact our firm.

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