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Attorneys Handling Real Estate Transactions Near You in Charleston

When you or your company buys or sells a residential or commercial property, you face the risk of crucial oversights and errors, noncompliance with state laws, and even bad faith on the part of another party in the real estate transaction. That is why:

  • We recommend attorney involvement in any non-commercial or commercial closing

  • State laws require a licensed real estate attorney’s involvement in any real estate closing

Reasonable Fee According To The Real Estate Law. A Large Amount of Protection.

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Real estate transactions almost invariably involve large amounts of money and a degree of risk. It makes sense to protect your entire investment by hiring an attorney to safeguard your investment at a small fraction of the value of the transaction.

The Charleston real estate attorneys practice real estate law daily and almost exclusively. We are skilled, experienced, and effective at reviewing real estate transactions, attending commercial real estate closings or residential real estate closings, and protecting clients’ interests.

Identify Prospective  Residential Real Estate Consumers Or Properties Consumers

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Are you borrowing money to buy a property? We can review the lending terms and ensure that payback periods according to the business law, rates, title insurance, payback amounts payment receivers, and payers are clearly and fairly stated. Are you buying or selling a property? We can review or prepare the contract to enforce your rights. Are you taking or relinquishing possession of the property? We can ensure that there are no unknown claims against the property.

Our real estate lawyers are committed to assisting in commercial closings, commercial transactions, residential real estate transactions that cost just a little, for a lot of legal services and protection. For more information, please contact our law firm.

Contact A Charleston Real Estate Attorney, We Have Real Estate Licenses.

For experienced legal help near  in the Charleston area, South Carolina,  contact our real estate experience at Weeks & Irvine, LLC. We charge competitive rates for our professional services and are continuously working around your schedule to identify prospective real estate clients or properties consumers, including evening and weekend schedules by appointment. To contact our Charleston office, call 843-553-9800 or 800-553-7449.