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Many people might be out of work or might face other unexpected financial stresses, and it is possible that you are in danger of your home being foreclosed upon. Whatever the reason, if foreclosure is looming, you need to make some decisions about what to do. So, what are your options? The only option you can rule out right off the bat is to do nothing. Ignoring the problem will not make it disappear. Instead, schedule a consultation with a Charleston foreclosure alternative lawyer at Weeks & Irvine, LLC, right away.

When the possibility of foreclosure looms, it’s easy and natural to see the loss of your property as a slippery and unavoidable slope. Adding to the anxiety that this viewpoint brings is the perception that if you can keep current on mortgage payments, you hold the cards, and if you miss a payment, the bank holds all the cards. Actually, mortgage challenges are not that simple. If you can’t make your payments, you can likely mitigate the financial and legal effects by pursuing an alternative to foreclosure. These alternatives may include, but are not limited to:

Focused on Client Education and Advocacy

All too often, we hear from clients who waited too long to contact an attorney when mortgage payment issues arose. We can sit down with you, examine your situation and carefully explain your options regarding foreclosure. If you are considering allowing your home or other real property to go into foreclosure, first learn both about the consequences of foreclosure and your alternatives.

At the law firm of Weeks & Irvine, LLC, our attorneys have helped hundreds of residential and commercial property owners navigate alternatives to foreclosure. We operate offices throughout the Tri-County (Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester) and the Beaufort County area, and handle cases across the entire state. Do not walk away from your property without first consulting with us regarding cost-effective and advantageous alternatives and options.

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Foreclosure is an ominous prospect, but there are ways to avoid it. If you are at risk of foreclosure, you should discuss your options with the real estate attorneys of Weeks & Irvine, LLC. They can explore alternatives to help you with your situation.