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How We Can Facilitate Your Short Sale

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Short Sales Can Involve Numerous Roadblocks. We Can Help.

Short sales are becoming an increasingly common alternative to foreclosure and to “walking away” from a property. Yet for many, short sales remain confusing, and even when the process is understood, it can be difficult to understand a lawyer’s role in the process.

If you are unclear regarding how short sales work, please visit the ” What Is a Short Sale?” and ” The Advantages of Short Sales” pages on this site. To help you understand how we can facilitate your entire short sale process, we provide information here.

How We Can Facilitate Your Short Sale in South Carolina

Homeowners often face challenging obstacles during the short sale process. For instance:

  • Lien and judgment issues can arise
  • Banks can demand that the seller be held responsible for deficiencies and other property-related debt
  • The process can be time consuming and confusing
  • Banks can stall

At Weeks & Irvine, LLC, we aren’t just experienced at facilitating short sales. We handle them every day. We have a team of staff committed exclusively to short sales.

We work diligently to protect your interests during the short sale process while helping you avoid the headaches and stress of a real estate transaction. The bank may attempt to hold you responsible for liens, judgments and deficiencies. We can work to negotiate these numbers down.

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