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Providing Alternatives to Foreclosures in South Carolina

To many people, the term “short sale” is relatively new and can be confusing. In the simplest terms, short sales are a type of home sale in which:

  • The homeowner owes more money to the lender(s) than the value of the home
  • The homeowner works with the lender(s) to sell the home
  • The homeowner is able to minimize their financial liability or deficiency due to the sale (a deficiency is the difference between the price the home sold for and the amount the homeowner owed on the mortgage note.)

Short sales offer homeowners numerous advantages over foreclosures. For instance, short sales usually result in less damage to credit ratings. Short sales can also prevent certain tax and judgment issues. Most importantly, unlike foreclosures, homeowners have a large degree of control over the sale and deficiency process.

If you need legal help regarding a short sale in South Carolina, contact the law firm of Weeks & Irvine, LLC. We provide statewide short sale legal help.

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Real estate law and short sale law are not new to us. We handle short sales every day. Our short sale work takes us from all over the Charleston area and to all ends of South Carolina.

We focus our short sale work on handling the details of the short sale process and on minimizing clients’ financial liability once the sale is finalized.

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